Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Last night some great friends of ours, Shawn and Lindsay got engaged! Lindsay and I have been friends since we were fourteen and have seen each other through some great times as well as some rough times! She was one of my bridesmaids in my wedding and I am honored to be one of hers!
Shawns proposal was beautiful! He took Lindsay to dinner followed by a walk at Wildwood Country Club (a place they have often enjoyed walking together!)... when they got to a fountain he told her he wanted to talk about their relationship, but first he wanted to pray over it... so they bowed their heads to pray and when he said amen she opened her eyes to the love of her life on one knee holding out a gorgeous ring... he said all the mushy stuff... she said YES and in may they will become Mr and Mrs Shawn Vietz!
After the proposal shawn had all of their closest friends waiting in a limo to suprise her for a night of celebrating! We drove around in the limo for a while being silly and then headed to our condo for dessert! It was a night of great fun!
Join us in celebrating Shawn and Lindsay and the gift of marriage! But also join us in praying for them as they not only prepare for their sweet wedding day but also for them as they join their lives as one and strive to glorify God together!

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