Saturday, January 17, 2009

First "favorite photo friday"...EYES

I always enjoy checking the Glas family's blog on Fridays as she faithfully posts her favorite photo Fridays... It is an adorable idea she got from "Kiss the frog for me" blog"
I liked the pictures so much I decided to join in the fun! So here goes my first favorite photo Friday (on Saturday lol) which is "eyes"... ENJOY!!!

Averi hit my pelvic bone on her way into the world and came out with a lovely shiner on her eye! We didn't care we still thought she looked perfect!

Kevin has brown eyes and I have green/gray eyes so I assumed Averi would have brown eyes like her daddy... that is so not the case as our girl is as blue eyed as they come!!!

A couple other blue eyed kiddos we are crazy about are my sweet nephew Corbin and my god-daughter Alayna!!


The Murphys said...

Stealing this idea. May do it a little different, but this is super cute!

hello jessi! said...

Averi's eyes may change color as she gets older. I had bright turquoise eyes for the first few years of my life. What a weird thing for babies to do. She is so cute, though!

The Yates' said...

Yeah we know they may change...most do!!! We are enjoying the blue eyes for now but are excited to watch her grow and change... no matter what color eyes we will think them gorgeous!!!! Thanks for the compliments we think she is cute too!!!

Marsha said...

Glad you are joining in!!! I love the themes and trying to find a photo out of the millions I have!
Averi has beautiful eyes!!!!!