Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayer request

A quick prayer request:
Averi was exposed to RSV (as I understand it in babies a very contagious respiratory condition that can develop in to Pneumonia) twice in the last two weeks... the symptoms to RSV are similar to that of a cold but usually accompanied by a fever. I was not concerned when she started having a runny nose and slight cough until she began to have a small fever on Thursday. Being a first time and maybe a little over concerned mommy I am; I called up her pediatrician who suggested I bring her in (because of the fever) just to be safe. After a quick exam we were glad to know she DOES NOT have RSV, he did suggest we keep an eye on her and watch for a fever because it could still develop but as long as she does not have a fever (which she hasn't since Thursday afternoon) He was certain she was fine and even okay to be around other children!
The prayer request is the doctor he told me that He currently has a patient at Kosairs with RSV. The patient is a three month old baby whom they had to put on a respirator and then "paralyze" so the child would not fight the respirator but allow it to breathe for him and his lungs to heal. The Doctor said this sweet child is in "pretty rough condition". Please pray for this child and their family, we may never know if this baby pulls through or not but we do know that prayer is powerful and our God hears our cries even when it is for someone we do not know personally.

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Marsha said...

You have a sweet heart and Averi is just precious. I have a friend award for you on my blog.