Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy nine months to a sick little girl!

Well as I said in the last post sweet Av was still susceptible to RSV and we were told by her pediatrician to watch for coughing, wheezing and a fever! She seemed to be doing fine until last night, she woke up at eleven (which is pretty uncommon) and was burning up... we took her temp and it was 101.6 we decided to give her Tylenol and call the doctor in the morning.
The poor thing spent the whole night coughing... I checked her temp this morning and it was 102.2 so I gave her more Tylenol and called the pediatrician. Without hesitation they said bring her in. After some poking and prodding and finally a nose swab the results were in and she was positive for RSV. Luckily it has not gone to her lungs, it is still upper respiratory and has not developed into bronchitis. Unfortunately there is not a lot we can do to prevent it from turning into more, we have been told to keep her well hydrated (which means lots of nursing for me), use a cool mist vaporizer in her room, steam showers, Vick's rub, Tylenol and lots saline in her nose. She seems to be feeling pretty rotten right now; she is very fussy and sleeping a lot but we are sure she will be a OK!!!

Now onto more exciting things in month nine... Averi is finally a scooter (I was beginning to Wonder if this would ever happen!), she has begun to scoot forward all over the place! She does not really like to be fed baby food she would much rather you give her something she can grab with her own two hands and eat all by herself (miss independent!) she is as always full of laughs and loves and is still a mama's girl yet I can see her becoming more and more fond of her "DADADDAAAA" everyday! Most nights she sleeps from 8 til 5 or 6, and then back down until 8... which is fine by us! She is up on all fours and beginning to lift her hands as if to crawl but has not mastered moving her knees, we go to TN the end of the month so I think she is saving that first "real" crawl for Nana and Papa Yates! She is also begun to pull up on everything and LOVES to be stood up against the couch or her play table!!! What a joy you are sweet Averi Noel...even when you are sick! We love you sweet girl! I will post some more pics and videos from the last month soon!


Kim & Dave said...

Praying she feels better son! That RSV is scary stuff!

lillie said...

I know exactly how it hurts the two of YOU to see your sweet baby sick. I well remember rocking my babies and my granddaughters when they were miserable, and I always thought how lucky we were to have good doctors to take them to, and always felt so sorry for mothers and fathers all over the world, who couldn't get medical attention for one reason or another. Prayers, good medical attention, and loving parents' care will bring Avri through this just fine.
Marie and Tom