Saturday, July 26, 2008


A big thrill was getting a babysitter last night and all of us grown ups going out to "Shanes Rib shack" for dinner and then walking around there outside mall where I found a cute sweater at Old Navy for $3.15 including tax... apparently Florida is the place to buy your winter clothes

In addition to getting our hair done today and going out last night we went to one of James' cousins birthday party where Av got to swim for the first time!

The biggest thrill of the day was that Averi ROLLED over... from her belly to her back... GO AVERI WE ARE ALL SO PROUD!


Brian and Cherie Landowski said...

Hope you guys had a blast at Disney! It was nice to meet you Rachel and good to see you again Kevin! We had so much fun just talking and playing the Wii. You made me miss Louisville like crazy! lol...Now if I can just convince Brian to move there...hmm :) Let me know if you have any tips for that! :)

The Yates' said...

Aww thank you, we had a BLAST! We had fun with you all too... I felt so bad that I fell asleep on the couch (ever since Av was born I fall asleep within two seconds of sitting still!), If you all ever end up back in Louisville let me know so we can have you over...if not I guess we will see you when we come to visit next year lol!