Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My two favorite girls...Averi and my god daughter Alayna
As all of you probably know I have began to watch some extra kiddos at my house so that I can stay at home with Av... I started watching two kids (a brother and sister) a few weeks ago and things have gone GREAT they are sweet kids with sweet personalities, and being home with Av is SUCH a blessing!
The little boy I watch however is starting school in August and I will be down to just one little girl to watch... I really need to have three kids in addition to Averi in order to stay at home full time so if you are looking for childcare or know anyone who needs childcare PLEASE keep me in mind and feel free to give them my email yates62307@insightbb.com... thank you all and thank you for your prayers as we have pursued this new opportunity!

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